Inspire Your Audience To Tap Into Lasting Wellness, Decreased Stress, The Keys To Incredible Productivity and SUCCESS!

“It is my hope for you to see that joy already exists inside you. Like a precious child, it only needs to be recognized,

embraced, and nurtured in order to grow to its full potential.”
~ Rochéle Lawson, RN


Join Thousands of Others Who Have Discovered Their Unique Formula for Energy and Success, and Get on the Path to FEELING FABULOUS… YOUR UNIQUE PATH TO BLISS.

I am health and wellness expert Rochéle Marie Lawson–and I have more than twenty-five years of personal experience FEELING FABULOUS.  As a Registered Nurse, Ayurvedic Health Practitioner, and Certified Meditation Specialist, I combine the best of western medicine with the wisdom and balance of Ayurveda–the ancient, holistic system of healing from India that translates literally as “The Knowledge and Wisdom of Life”.

And that’s exactly what I share in my engaging, insightful presentations.  Captivating and fun, my information-packed keynotes unlock the secrets to lasting health and vitality and success in life, for you and your audience –demonstrating the connections between body, mind, and spirit– and delivering the inspiration and instruction you need to make positive changes.

My mission to “Bring Peace to Your Mind, Wellness to Your Body, and Tranquility to Your Spirit”, has inspired thousands of people to engage their inner vitality and take charge of their well-being.  With my unique 7 Step System, you and your audience will be empowered to learn your personal formula for increased energy, success, happiness and Bliss.

I practice these principles in my own high energy life–and my success speaks for itself.  Featured on television and radio (and as the owner of a full-service holistic Health and Wellness Company serving the United States and beyond) I know the stress of a busy life! My vitality and balanced energy fuel my leadership on hospital foundation boards, The Northern California Lupus Foundation board, and previously as President of the local chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners.

I deliver customized keynotes and seminars on international platforms from women’s business leadership groups to corporate trainings and retreats.  Book me for one of these powerful presentations, or call me to discuss your custom program today!


Speaking Topics:

  • Learn the 7 STEPS TO FEELING FABULOUS.  Yes, you can Look & Feel Fabulous with a personalized wellness plan that unites your Body, Mind, and Spirit.  By aligning you with your unique formula, you can learn the 7 Steps to Feeling Fabulous and make a permanent change from stressed to blessed!
  • Discover THE KEYS TO SUCCESS and how you can apply them to have success with your health, wellbeing, buisness, career or life.
  • WELLNESS AND WEALTH… Discover how you can increase your earning potential in both áreas with Little or No Effort, Once you know “Your Secret to Success”…
  • A Balanced Life… Discover the secrets to successfully managing the demands of work, family, life and wellbeing with simplicity, ease and success!

Get inspired to walk the path of health–and the practical instruction you
and your group need to get going.  Your first step is as simple as a phone call (209) 640-3154.  Or feel free to fill out a contact request.  And get ready for You and Your Group to 

Find your Bliss

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